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    Heard a person call into the radio and their wife had fallen for a scam. His wife received a call purporting to be from the Australian Tax Office and saying they owed $4000 in back taxes. And the only way she could pay immediately was in iTunes vouchers.

    So she went and bought $4000 worth of vouchers and after she must have called back and handed over all the codes, they the "ATO" told her they had arrested her husband and the only way he would be released would be for her to buy a further $3900 in iTunes vouchers and hand them over also.

    So she did that as well.

    I just can't comprehend how people can be so fucking stupid.

    • I must have been drunk when I typed that. Reads like a 2 year old wrote it!BusterBoy
    • i read like a 2 yearly so all goodGnash
    • people being so stupid is what keep the 1% in power. Businessmen, politicians, military, religious leaders._niko
    • iTunes vouchers lolset
    • lolGuyFawkes

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