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  • colin_s4

    To the point made above, I think there are two massive epidemics in America right now that very plainly show the motivations and hypocrisy of the establishment (specifically on the right, but also the complicit silence on the representative left).

    Gun violence and drugs, though often dependent on the skin color of the offending party, are met with an idea of escalation and/or fear. Arming more citizens is their solution to gun violence, which will never end the violence, merely perpetuate it into chaos. Prison time is the idea for the drug war, which will only grow the need for (privatized) incarceration.

    Yet these cycles, while terrifying and destructive to the general population, will succeed in perpetuating the economic growth of the various markets that profit from these aspects of America (guns, pharma, prison and health care).

    It won't be until a Kardashian is randomly killed in one of these things that people probably start really getting behind gun reform, or can attach some kind of "Who is next" sign on Twitter that then gets a shithead senator to "change their mind."

    Until then we have a country that is openly a business and not a democracy or republic or whatever the fuck name you want to call it. It's a free for all in the marketplace with as many people getting theirs and getting out without dying or jail time - which usually means making those in lower class structures, who don't deserve it, get one or both, while manipulating the message to the public to convince them that it's for "the greater good."

    For shame.

    • 15, 30/clip magazines unloaded in the churchGnash
    • the list similarities between how gun violence and opioids are treated is shockingly longmonospaced
    • "Massive epidemic"? US pop is 325 million and 100 people a day die from guns. On average, which means when 26 fall in Texas, that just makes up for quiet days.BustySaintClaire
    • Guns are a deep part of US culture, always have, always will. Shootings are not news. This, is truly an epidemic:

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