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  • kona3

    If only there were more cars on bike paths, then the cars would have blocked the car from running over those poor people on the bike path.


    • only thoughts, because they were already praying.

    • Oh yeah that's right...
    • I'm sure #mockingdeadpeople is helpingIRNlun6
    • can we #hashtag our way out of this issue?dorf
    • He's not mocking dead people. He's mocking the morons who think more guns make people safer, and that believe prayer actually works.monospaced
    • And of course the mocking doesn't help. But maybe it starts to get the point across that something can and should be done at some point.monospaced
    • Kona's right -- the people saying that more guns would have helped are delusionalGnash
    • would a security guard with a gun have helped?IRNlun6
    • the security guard would just have been shot firstGuyFawkes
    • I guess it may have in this case, IRN. it's a shame that a church would need securityGnash
    • I'm not even surprised media is stirring people up, but I'm reading some pretty important lib/dems going with the same line of attack.IRNlun6
    • If the goal is to persuade people for more laws, perhaps this route is a bit counter-productive.IRNlun6
    • apparently he didn't get the guns legally -- so if the current laws were enforced he wouldn't have had the weapon he usedGnash
    • it's not only about laws, as we know those only function to be broken ... it's about a kind of top-down reform that doesn't infringe on american rightsmonospaced
    • to some, interpretation of that 'right' is to be able to have the firepower to bring down the gov't if needed.Gnash
    • as long as that's is the thinking I don't see how any reform will not infringe on that right.Gnash
    • That kind of thinking isn't helping anyone. It's beyond irrational.monospaced
    • ^ not to the gun lobby, unfortunately.Gnash

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