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  • sofakingback3

    Not Brown = Not Terrorist


    White = Mentally Ill = Sympathy

    "He was such a nice guy. No one saw this coming"

    • they didn't say that about the walmart shooter. everyone said he was an asshole.Gnash
    • they said the boston bomber kid was a nice, quiet guy. good student.Gnash
    • Oh thats right huh, they did say he was an asshole to Mexicans tho, probably mary poppins to white neighbors lol!sofakingback
    • They also said he was training like 3 days a week with a trash can and a sword tho. so "No one saw it coming" still applies.sofakingback
    • all colours of his neighbours said he was an asshole.Gnash
    • nobody liked himGnash
    • anyone who knew him said they weren't surprised.Gnash
    • Where do you read that? I mean the trash-can Game of Throne sessions where a dead give away, but he just didn't have that brownness about him.sofakingback
    • one neighbour even said that her dog new he was evil (only barked at him)Gnash
    • read in the colorado news. they tended to get more in-depth on the guy.Gnash
    • Well that's sofaking toldset
    • 'Creepy, crazy and weird': Former classmates say Texas gunman was an 'outcast' ...Gnash

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