Shooting of the Day

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  • Ramanisky23

    Thoughts & Prayers Ya'll, thoughts & prayers.

    • #ThoughtsandPrayersB...utopian
    • #ShoveYourThoughtsAn...elahon
    • gun laws? #toosoondorf
    • Prayer for a time machine.freedom
    • Attack, QBN, attack!Hayoth
    • Allahu Akbar!omg
    • One of these days its gonna be you we read about huh omg. Just don't shoot me, I was always nice to you.sofakingback
    • fuck off omg, take your ethically and morally void troll ass somewhere else you idiotic asshole.monospaced
    • Why wouldn't people attack this guy. He fucking killed innocent people. Anyone who thinks there is any deserving sympathy should fuck themselve smonospaced
    • THoughts and prayers for omg and hayoth.pango
    • You mean at the Church? I can imagine someone opening fire in a church and killing that many people is a bit disorienting. Most people probably freeze or hide.sofakingback
    • Which is understandable... maybe they did try, thats a lot of dead and injured.sofakingback
    • it's just too soon to talk about sensible gun controls. this sick person would've done it anyway, what's the point in trying. we need to cut taxes for the rich.dorf
    • This was in a church where people were literally praying. How does this work then?monkeyshine
    • Yes too soon. Thoughts and prayers. Thought and prayers.pango
    • Cmon guys! With enough thoughts and prayers, we can stop this from happening!pango
    • "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to give thanks and prayers."monoboy

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