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    Whatsup with ISIS? News doesnt talk about them anymore.

    • they do, just not front page any moreGnash
    • mosul's been in the news a lotGnash
    • because Trump is an even bigger disasterGuyFawkes
    • Russians talking about US supporting them again and again, something obvious looking at last combats in sirya...OBBTKN
    • There are proofs of us military helping them, but not in big mediaOBBTKN
    • in what media?Bennn
    • ISIS is being destroyed and giving up by the thousands. It's incredible how badly they're being beat right now.IRNlun6
    • It's the Russians and Syria supporting ISIS now. Recent story of how they tried to facilitate ISIS fighters crossing from Lebanon through to Iraq.IRNlun6
    • US and allied forces trapped them half way through. They then strategically snipped anyone seen with a weapon.IRNlun6
    • Raqqa is about to be freed from ISIS. Literally today might be the day they announce it.IRNlun6
    • Is it because communist (YPG) fighters are winning the battle (backed by US airstrikes) against ISIS and they haven't come up with a suitable PR angle yet?monoboy
    • The US will be back to bomb the YPG in 15 years time.monoboy
    • You mean the Syrian Democratic Forces?
    • The SDF Is essentially a subsidiary of the Kurdish YPG according to many.monoboy
    • Love the fact ISIS fighters a shite scared of the YPJ because according the them, you don't go to heaven if you get killed in battle by a woman.monoboy
    • Largely made up of the YPJ/YPG, but thats not to say that US/Arab coalition partners don't play a major role in their decisive success of late.IRNlun6
    • No doubt. But they're communists. Never mentioned in the news. Odd.monoboy
    • *plays Seinfeld bass*face_melter

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