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  • BusterBoy2

    Trump is so full of shit. His "tough talk" against North Korea is just a huge appeal to his rabid base that he is still the tough guy. Things will get resolved diplomatically, but he'll just say "I wanted to get much tougher, but my advisers say this is the best way forward". Total bullshit.

    As the old saying goes, if you have to tell someone how tough you are, chances are you probably aren't.


    • He doesn't have much say in whether war happens in NK unfort. And its coming and it has nothing to do with insults and nukes.fadein11
    • There's no-one else to bully - NK is the only state left. Everyone else is too small or too big. Try his name bullshit with China - see how far that gets.face_melter
    • keep them guessingIRNlun6

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