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  • yuekit0

    I have to agree with his point that the border around the screen doesn't look great compared with Samsung phones.

    • Yeah, they are a little behind on the overall design. All so close, though, I'd have to see in person, might not make a difference.formed
    • The case on my S8+ makes a border (please, please stop making all glass phones!)formed
    • Phone bevel size is impressive to me like a really big DVD collection is.monospaced
    • I dont understand the bezel-less hype... i really dont care about bezel.Bennn
    • And no bezels means unintented pressing many times for people with lbig hands like meBennn
    • Yea i think it's fine. Similar to my LG G6 which I'm massively impressed with. Not a big fan of the Samsung screens that curve round the edge..set
    • Yeah down to personal taste I guess. I really like the edge to edge design, even the S7 Edge which was kind of ridiculous :)yuekit
    • ugly front. I like the back though.inteliboy
    • His review are banal and rote. He reads the spec sheet, takes some photos, and... that’s it. Using RED cameras in 4K. Pointless.face_melter
    • Ordered the pixel 2 xl last night. It was that or the note 8 and I wanted software updates more frequently loltrooperbill

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