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  • mg33-2

    It's in the cart... I just need to press the button.

    Peer pressure, please.

    • COME ON MAN! COME TO THE OTHER SIDE! YOU CAN DO IT! Seriously, you won't regrte it.Bennn
    • you won't regrte it. But you may regret it.Bennn
    • Kidding, you wont regret. Push that damn BUY button. :)Bennn
    • I reserved mine already. Will receive it Oct 19thBennn
    • You want the normal or XL ?Bennn
    • You have Verizon mg33? How do you like it?

      DO EEEET!
    • I've got AT&T so I guess I need the unlocked one, right?
      And i just want the normal one.
    • I took the normal too. I once have a big phone and totally hated it. Bummer cuz the XL looks super nice.Bennn
    • If you're just a little bit geek, you'll love playing around with all the customisation that Android offers, so much settings! You can do almost everything.Bennn
    • Everyone's favorite pastime is to fiddle with their android phone settings. Who needs a Nintendo when you can wade through settings until the sun sets?monospaced
    • Ok i guess im supergeek then. I like setting up anewphine or computer.Bennn
    • the difference is that almost everytime your android phone doesn't behave the way you'd rather it did you can change it.zarkonite
    • unlike Apple's design ethos which is basically to tell you you're doing it wrong... like changing the way you hold your phone because the antenna is shit.zarkonite
    • lol mono. To be fair it is great being able to customise almost everything on your phone, visual and UX..set
    • Something I use all day every day or really benefits me to have it looking and working exactly how I want it toset
    • settings make me randyfuturefood
    • :) why do you take it so personally, set? ;) But really, I hope you know I'm just playing with Benn here, the android superfanboymonospaced
    • :[-]Bennn
    • I WANT ONE TOO.notype
    • I was laughing with you mono. I found what you posted to be humorous so I said 'lol mono'.. Not taking anything personally... !?set
    • I know! You recently said I took all Apple criticism personally. :)monospaced
    • You totally do ya big fluffy sausage xset
    • Right back at ya.monospaced
    • Bennn is not a fanboy, he's just very enthusiastic about everything.zarkonite
    • lol :PBennn

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