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  • Ramanisky22

    • how strange eh. Normal people buy 30 firearms in the same year right. "It's a hobby, i like shooting cans"Bennn
    • http://www.reactiong…Bluejam
    • NRA has payed off previous Admins not to enact a National Registry. This is one problem I'd like to see Trump use his obtuse thinking to solve.robotron3k
    • good point, robomonospaced
    • buys 30 firearms in the same year, buys 15 bump stocks, thousands of rounds of ammo and hundreds of clipskona
    • and inquires about tracers so he can see where he's firing at night. yeah, nothing stood out though.kona
    • In a novel way Trump's political ignorance and lack of party loyalty, added that he's going to have to console victims for years to come, just like the previrobotron3k
    • ous Presidents did. He's just going to hate it and he'll pass laws fast.robotron3k
    • He was just another good guy with a gun, until he wasn't.R_Kercz
    • I'm afraid, robo, that his ignorance and lack of loyalty will make him the most malleable of puppets, easily swayed by lobbyists, happy to swear loyalty to him.monospaced
    • So far, he's done absolutely nothing except pander to his very right conservative base, showing not one fucking ounce of cross party consideration. Sad really.monospaced

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