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  • Masterramos7

    Yesterday had one of the best days of my life... We were trying and finally we accomplish.

    My expectations were low but when we see the result it was a explosion of happinness.

    Let's see what we will face in the next 8 months.

    Any advice?

    PS: F***! I WILL BE A DAD.

    • Congrats!! Advice: sleep as much as you can NOW... ;)

      Ah, and enjoy your new life, don't look back
    • Thanks @OBBTKN!Masterramos
    • congratulationsNutter
    • Get your health in line now. Get into a good healthy routine now, sleep, yoga, diet, etcmugwart
    • (congrats by the way)mugwart
    • Thanks @Nutter & @mugwartMasterramos
    • @mugwart that's a good advice. I will follow thatMasterramos
    • Sweet! Congrats!robotron3k
    • congrats! mine is due in 10 weeks ... these might be the happiest few months of your life, they were for me :)monospaced
    • congrats! and to you, too, mono! i didn't know you guys were expecting.Gnash
    • hey mono - big congrats :)
      it's a crazy ride but nearly always fantastic and just gets better and better
    • Congrats. We're in our 4th month now. Enjoy the ride.Beeswax
    • congrats, just had a girl last month, wild ride.plash

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