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    • Nice switch!pango
    • Arya is leaning back too much, no balance thus no power behind the thrust, timing and positioning are off :-Driskunlogic
    • She should step off line on the last move, pass Brienne on the right side and go for a gut stab with a cut upwards to the sternum :-Driskunlogic
    • Her foot work annoys me :-Driskunlogic
    • I bet you'd beat the fuck out of that little female childset
    • you mean her lack of foot work?kirshar12
    • Everyone here now knows that you're better than the child, you can relax nowset
    • Awesome logic set! That is exactly why I am thinking of how she could beat the big girl – because I want „beat the fuck out of that little girl“.riskunlogic
    • I heard your new cell is very comfy, set. What do you say? Shall we increase your dose a notch?riskunlogic
    • I guess I hit a nerve when pointing out how lame it was to announcing to everyone how much more you know than this childset
    • But he has smiley faces after every comment, denoting a light hearted kind of critique, right?kirshar12
    • You're both cunts :-Dset

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