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    Anyone here take a soul cycle class?

    • I don't think you get too much of a "workout", you're basically riding a bike. It's the most expensive and I've never seen anyone shredded because of it.robotron3k
    • robo that's what I thought, watched a couple vids on what they do, it's basically spinning on crack. spinning is nice but I'm already leanbklyndroobeki
    • + the spiritual stuff I could do on my ownbklyndroobeki
    • just go out and bike!pango
    • indoor biking is not for me, and combining it with spiritual stuff... c'monOBBTKN
    • SPIRITUAL RIDE!!!pango
    • Yes. It'll kick your ass. A lot harder than a good bike ride for sure.monospaced
    • That is the dickest dick thing I've seen in a while. Love that they focus so much on the merch — aye, that's fucking soul right there you cunts.detritus
    • Stationary bikes are the worst. I ride mine in the dead of winter, but that's it. I can put 3 hours on my regular bike no problem....section_014
    • ...After a 1/2 hour on my stationary, I can't take anymore. So boring, and sweaty.section_014

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