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    I've spent a fortune on fancy lingerie for my girl so i think i know a thing or two...
    1.) although "allowance" sounds hot (and in a way it is... you go into the store give them your lady's name and how much she can spend and then she just comes in and says her name - that's all), unfortunately she will pick something that doesn't turn you on - ask me how i know it... $350 later).

    2.) the hottest place to do lingerie shopping together is Journelle on 17th st. They have private booths with a curtain separating the woman from the man so that she gets a chance to "reveal" herself to her man. The place is very classy so the mix of your hormones flowing through your pants and the fact you can't just "do it" is a huge turn on for both man and woman.

    3.) lingerie should never be purchased without trying it on. it's meant to accentuate the body forms and some super sexy lingerie on mannequins are super boring on woman's body.

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