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    (I've spent all day trying to figure out how to use DreamObjects to upload the files for my websites. I already have a NextCloud + DreamObjects account but don't understand the Folder settings and there's no info...fuck!)

    Spent a few hour checking Hosting in Germany but can't decide.
    There's Hetzner...but I would prefer something else.

    • < you are fucked.sted
    • why?oey
    • how?oey
    • talk with me, what do you know?oey
    • if you can't use sftp to access your files on a hosting you're fucked.sted
    • or ftp.sted
    • of course i canoey
    • i've been using dreamhost for years but set up a nextcloud account and so far so good, except that i started to have doubts where to upload webpage contentoey
    • if via sftp (what I've been using) to the server that allocates the domain or to a cloud service and link everything in the htmloey
    • thing is i created folders in the dreamobjects panel that don't appear in the same folder in nexcloud but the reverse is possibleoey
    • i can also upload files into dreamobjects via cyberduck or webftpoey
    • i just think things are not so clear or clearly explained. forum is okay though. but very unclear that with the metadata of objects for exampleoey

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