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  • Bluejam1

    getting closer to the game we should of got on launch ...
    time to dust off the disk and give this game another go

    @9:10 one step closer to multiplayer

    • I still have mine, but haven't played in ages... Is any of this paid DLC content or just regular updates?elahon
    • Ah shit, this weas on offer on Humble Bundle recently, I wonder if it still is?detritus
    • @elahon a regular update, no cash requiredBluejam
    • I'll give it a shot this weekend, thanks!elahon
    • the people that made this game listened to wayyyy too much of the new metallica songCygnusZero4
    • 7 gigs for the update. I will need an external hd :(ok_not_ok
    • I've been playing this for the past months and it is a cool game now, very different from the original launch, still haven't played 1.3, but it looks supercoolfeel
    • 1.3 update. played about 6 hrs.
      graphics look better. new missions and gameplay much better. more options. more space combat and on planet surface too.
    • improved UI making a big difference.
      best bit - went from a 600,000 credit spaceship to 10 million credit one. saved a fuck of grinding for resources/trading
    • **Might** give this a go now.section_014
    • Yep, time to dust this off methinks. But only a few days 'til Lost Legacy. FML.MrT

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