Convince me to visit NY

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  • hardhat3

    Seriously, just arrive and then spend hours wandering around (punctuated by visiting places you want to see). Its less about the destinations here than the things you end up finding.

    I would choose a bunch of hoods to visit (though im not sure I can help as I live here and you get lazy). Bushwick, Greenpoint, East Village, Central Park, Staten Island (take the ferry and turn around), Red Hook, Chelsea (Art district). God knows. Its all fun. Some will be shit, but some will be gems in the rough. Just plot out a few places you want to see (food/art/buildings/other) and work around those.

    That's my 2 cents, based on my previous travels since the mid 90s before i lived there/here

    • Good advice ... just walk around ... most of the good stuff is a few blocks away from the touristy stuff anyway.monospaced

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