Convince me to visit NY

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    NYC is a culinary capital of the world so if you want pizza, you should go some place else more suited to your pedestrian culinary tastes.

    Art, is where NYC is at. Besides the big places there is a TON of off the map weirs art happening all over town. My lady is into it so if you want to know some obscure stuff, lets me know (dance, music, opera etc).

    As for fucking, plenty of smaller parks might work out for you too.

    • definitely down for and primarily interested in obscure stuff but on another level am interested in authentic NY pizza as a matter of personal interestscarabin
    • This joint (a few blocks from me) has a ton of weird performances:pr2
    • https://www.facebook…pr2
    • checking it out, thanks!scarabin
    • pr2's high on the scent of his own cock again?detritus
    • you mean his mangina?GuyFawkes

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