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  • oey1

    I'm working on my first website for a client and encountered a problem and haven't been able to solve it:

    Can't center Facebook iFrame and when I reduce the display size it cuts the iFrame to fit in a window.

    Something else, I use Brackets and in the live preview the iFrame always appears but after I uploaded the files the iFrame doesn't show in Firefox only.

    Went through StackOverflow and couldn't find any solution.

    I guess it's relatively simple to explain/solve and maybe it's my css that's too complicated for something so simple.

    Could someone please help?


    • The width of you iframe isn't the same as the <div class="_2p3a" style="
      min-width: 180px;
      width: 500px;">
    • give your iframe a width of 500pxBabySnakes
    • Hey thanks, but I'm not sure if I understood. <div class="_2p3a" where is that?oey
    • should I give the with in the HTML part of the iFrame or in the css? cause the iFrame has the width set to 560oey
    • ah! you used inspector or some other dev tool in the browser, right?oey
    • in CSS, line 106, change 600px to 500px.ESKEMA
    • ESKEMA LIVES...muahahaha! Thanks!oey
    • Thanks again! Obrigado!oey

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