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  • pango0

    • cabin in the woods weekend? :)sted
    • Such a fun movie :)pango
    • Watched Cabin in the Woods last week. It's SUCH a pisspoor movie all round.microkorg
    • dude, it's hilarious! watch it again, and take off your grumpy hatmonospaced
    • yeah micro you are wrong. 92% of critics on RT say you are wrong wrong.sarahfailin
    • also imbecile, milan, are wrong. if you didn't like Cabin in the Woods, you must have thought Jason X and Freddie v Jason were awesome movies.sarahfailin
    • They are mocking the horror genre. Shit don't make sense because horror genre doesn't make sense.pango
    • The gods they refer to are actually the movie audience. We are watching. And we demand the characters to be killed of except one we feel sympathic toward.pango
    • rewatchability: 9/10monospaced
    • Well it's time to watch it again :)
      Pangos explanation is really good... You do not have to take it too seriously

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