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    The intriguing part to me is where he says "Devices shouldn't become outdated every year. They should evolve with you."

    I'd love to see a strong effort toward this goal.

    • translation: just like with iPhone, we plan on releasing a new phone every year so you spend more $$$chukkaphob
    • true. that would be a new direction that would be welcome.sofakingback
    • BUT. A lot of our consumer habits are deeply grounded on purchase gratification. Hence, its not much about the product and more about buying a new product.sofakingback
    • The new MacBook Pro, is a perfect example of that. Little to no value for its target consumer, yet it was still purchased because it was new.sofakingback
    • Google recently killed its project in that area: https://www.theverge‚Ķi_monk
    • exactly. they don't get outdated, people just love buying new shit. Nothing wrong with that either, keeps the tech industry ticking fwd.inteliboy
    • I sorta disagree. I feel like my phone falls apart before I'm ready to upgrade. And only assholes make a $800 device of fucking GLASS!monospaced
    • I skip years when buying phones, but usually because the battery fails or it's taken insane damage from bullshit falls.monospaced
    • Anyway, I just hope that perhaps this new thing is actually taking any of that into consideration And not just the same old shit.monospaced
    • Its not. What about it makes you think it will? It's an $800 phone... when it gets old, you buy a new one. They would need a different product and approach.sofakingback
    • Because of what he wrote, obviously.monospaced
    • But the hardware or software doesn't back that up or show anything different to lead anyone to think this is any different than a typical phone. right?sofakingback
    • or am I missing something? Maybe I don't understand whats different about it.sofakingback

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