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  • kona5

    Laugh out loud moment at work a few minutes ago.

    We're in a meeting and there's this one guy included who always derails every, single, meeting.

    We're discussing our Home Thermostat UI and I'm explaining what the 70° mark is and what would happen should the user increase or decrease the temp.

    I'm about 5 minutes into the conversation and this guy interrupts with "... wait, wait... are we talking Fahrenheit or Celsius here?" and I busted out laughing (inside).

    1) We're in the U.S.
    2) 70° C would equal something like 160° F. Who's fucking house is ever set to 160° F?!?

    This fucking guy.

    • lolfadein11
    • He doesn't know the diff between Fahrenheit and Celsius? Is he the boss' son or something? :)renderedred
    • lol rendered.kona
    • and then you looked him directly in the eye, and with the most serious tone you could muster, you answered, "celsius."monospaced
    • lol, we're still laughing about it over here. Fucking celsiuskona
    • if the dude is a greengo than yeah its silly. If he isn't, it's normal. 90% of the world's population can't convert celsius to fahrenheit or viceversa.VectorMasked
    • lol. It's considered common knowledge here as it's a huge part of our company. thermostats are some of our top products.kona
    • Then you got on your pied Piper box and posted to qbnHayoth
    • disagreeable people are easy to fuck with because they question their own intelligencemoldero
    • People like that have no value to add. They are insecure and feel the need to say anything in any meeting. If the cause a distraction, they justified themselvessofakingback

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