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  • Mezzanine11

    •… some more detailsMezzanine
    • Did you create this? Love it!utopian
    • freshscarabin
    • Awesome! Greek approved :)Gnash
    • ahaha "Australian guy decided to open a Greek restaurant in South Korea and invited Ukrainian team to work on it."Gnash
    • Very very niceHAYZ1LLLA
    • Lovely, but you should introduce Dimitry to contractions..detritus
    • I dig the style. Top noch!riskunlogic
    • love how you used a different color palette, rather than standard Greek style of blue and white.OP31
    • Likemaquito
    • good job!@# love the colorssted
    • Why the graffiti and profanity?canoe
    • Because Korea.detritus
    • ahaha :DDsted
    • Great workMaaku
    • This is great, Hey gnash, lets rip off the idea and open this up in Toronto lol fuck the Australian in Korea and his Ukrainian minions hehe ;)_niko
    • lol. what do greeks know about restaurants :)Gnash
    • this would do well on the Danforth, actuallyGnash
    • Agreed it needs a jolt, it's become so stagnant, it needs street food and vibe of the recent immigrants not first wave that came in the 70s_niko
    • yup :) actually, my cousin owns a building over there. perhaps his tenant's lease is up soon. Ill keep you postedGnash
    • wouldn't mind dipping my toe into the restaurant biz again :)Gnash
    • Modern Greek. Love it. Refreshing.HijoDMaite
    • ...and he is gone!utopian

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