SF/SD Recs?

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    I've found city folk don't stay in san diego for long. The buisness and entertainment markets are really small. A lot of my friends born and raised in the Midwest love it. I always described san diego as plano TX (dallas suburb) with a beach.

    SF might be more expensive but the opportunities to commune with more people that will yeild more benefits for your bank account overall is higher. There's not a lot of hungry people in San diego in my opinion.

    If i gave no fucks about being near anything, id live to Santa Barbara. The weather is perfect year round, it's beautiful and it's a closer drive and train to LA than San Diego. Santa Monica was my compromise. I never toted Manhattan beach or long Beach to live but it in a nice little house i could dig it. Seal Beach is really cute. It's the last beach city before LA county.

    *caveat, im born and raised south orange county by the beach so i spent a lot of time in SD going out on my own. Lived in Santa Monica for 13 years, Hollywood Hills for 1 year, san fransisco for 5 years on and off for contracts with as long 6 mo stays for a few years, also new york house swaping part time (30-50% of the year) for the last 6 years, and currently perminantly transplanted to NYC since October of last year. Łots of east coast/ west coast living. My heart in the long run is LA or close to it and on the beach.

    • *i never tried Manhattan Beachshellie
    • I'm a Santa Barbaran through and through. :)monospaced
    • Plano TX with a beach?! Come on...studderine
    • C'mon e, why aren't you hungry? Don't you want to eat whats good for you??? lol.

      I love everything about this post, hilarious.
    • Just to indulge my curiosity. Where in OC are you from? My money is on Irvine.sofakingback
    • Hahaha. Odd post.studderine

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