When I was a kid...

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    porn mags in the bushes at the park

    • older kids must've stolen them and stashed them there.microkorg
    • I remember finding a huge bag of the things when I was about 7 or 8, swapping them for likely fuck all to a friend's older (12) brother.detritus
    • omg we used to find heaps of that sort of shitrabbit
    • yup with weirdly stained and used to be wet wrinklesmoldero
    • Found a trash bag full of porn mags while riding bmx near the higway with fellas. Spitted with chaps, then my mom found them.ApeRobot
    • The internet killed bush porn.microkorg
    • @microkorg, went for a forest walk a few weeks ago, found some bush porn, they are still there to be found ehehheGeorgesII
    • ^ a rarity in the wild. endangered species.microkorg
    • what's a forest walk? url?uan
    • ^ Think it was a typo. Did you mean Forest Wank?microkorg

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