Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

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  • pinkfloyd3

    It all depends what you need to use it for and the style of illustration. I didn't like the cintiq 21ux because it was bulky and all those cables. The worst part was the parallax (gap between the tip of the stylus and screen because of the thick glass). The cintiq companion was also a pain with all those annoying cable. It wasn't fun to draw on, and the screen size wasn't ideal. I didn't have any parallax issues though. I currently use my ipad pro and pencil and love it. There no cables, and it's light as hell. I love drawing on it.

    If you need to do heavy realistic illustrations such as large landscape background images or concept art, then a larger cintiq would work.

    • As much as I liked the surface pro 3, they cheaped out on the dimmer so there was eye fatigue for me. Also, wacom is overpriced.pinkfloyd
    • Thanks for sharing your impressions, very helpfullOBBTKN

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