Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

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    Thanks for your answers, but now, i am more confused...

    I am more confident about the quality of drawing on a wacom than other brands (there are some chinese cheap brands too in the tablet market, but not in this res. range), but the ipad portability and the all in one machine is a thing too... and then comes the big size illu table thing on dell canvas, that can be very usefull too (in the same price tag)...

    Argh... not easy to do a choice, and i can test only the ipad pro, not the others, for to make a decision, and compare the real use tryouts

    Back to start point

    Will update with my impresions if i decide to go with one of those

    • Buy them all on Amazon. Test out, send back the ones you don't want. But really, you should get the ipad pro and pencil.set
    • Yes, maybe you are right with the ipad, i'll test it this weekOBBTKN
    • iPad looks the best, you can bet sat on sofa drawing away, cable free, no problems.fruitsalad

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