Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

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  • set4

    You're far better off getting an ipad pro and apple pencil. I was in the same boat and settled for the ipad. Cheaper, just as responsive, far more robist a purchase. The pencil is superb... No visible lag, and the pressure sensitivity and responsiveness superb.

    • Robust *set
    • Does this work as a peripheral for iMac? Like a substitution for an Intuos?fyoucher1
    • It doesn't natively work as a peripheral, but this app enables it to do so: http://astropad.com/…yuekit
    • Not sure how good/accurate it is compared to Wacom thoughyuekit
    • Yep, it works perfectly in my experienceset
    • I've also been working with Adobe illustrator draw which you can then open straight in to illustrator on your mac with all the layers and pathsset
    • I've been massively impressed with the Apple pencil. The pressure sensitivity and angles you can shade etc with are impressiveset
    • I keep using double adjectives. Makes me sound like a right halfwit :)set
    • can you set up the iPad Pro as an input device for Photoshop CC?mekk
    • ^ you can, but you pay $65 a year for the privilege.face_melter
    • I have both and use the ipadcannonball1978
    • yeah, the Adobe apps make for a good seamless experience, and yes, like set says, it's a really good drawing tabletmonospaced
    • Just got iPad Pro 9.7. Drawing daily with the pencil in Procreate. Kicks ass. Fuck a wacom.sublocked
    • I used apple pencil and ipad pro + astropad for a full production of a tv commercial containing 2D animation., and it was AWESOME!Fabricio

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