Sexual Harrassment in Advertising/Tech

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    A caveat to this story: i'm a vendor on record and ive done work for them in the past. I run my own company. Im not a staff employee and Im not a regular in office agency freelancer. Which is why the HR approach see.s less viable. I'm basically an outside vendor and i do not have any projects currently running with the agency. Since he's been hired, he's never been assigned to any of my projects. I don't think i have the same rights as just a regular citizen against some Facebook messages and texts. He does clearly list his agency and position publically on all his social media outlets, so he's representing the company there. I could pitch and potentially win large contacts with this agency, which i may do now just to see if im rejected. He may or may not be able to help or stop me in that respect. I don't know the inner workings of the agency that intimately. But if they don't give me a job i may have some extra leverage.

    Im going to consult a lawyer about this. I have a friend looking for resources in California since he and the agency are in LA. I have recently relocated to NY.

    • It is still highly illegal. It doesn't matter that you aren't employed by the company as it's still against his company policy.kona
    • You worked for the company as a vendor, you're in their system, you are now a part of their anti-harassment policy.kona

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