Sexual Harrassment in Advertising/Tech

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    I assume this guy is still employed in an agency, and not freelancing? If not, take it up with the agency's Managing Director. See what happens.

    Is the agency in question relatively well-known in the broader industry (not just in the States)? Because if it is, then I would suggest the following if the MD of the shop pretends everything is cool:

    1) Take the offending messages to the cops, and have him charged with harassment (which should be done in any case), and;

    2) Scoop the big industry trade journals (double-check the legality of it) with said messages. I'm sure AdAge & Co would have a field day, if the agency in question is well-enough known.

    I look forward to reading about to shitstorm. :D

    • *about _the_ shitstormContinuity
    • And I might also add: this situation sucks from beginning to end, and I'm REALLY sorry you're going through that. No-one should have to tolerate that.Continuity
    • Oh wow. Attention on fb and here seems like a lot. I can't imagine publishing a legit industry rag story. But if the other womenshellie
    • Spoke up too it would be huge. One is a very sr producer and one is now an exect for a huge game publisher.shellie
    • The thing is, this really is a hot topic in the industry right now, and the more voices like yours that go out into the public eye, the better, in my view.Continuity
    • And also with the cops: I don't know what it's like wherever you are, but I know in Canada and here in Germany, this is a criminal offence.Continuity
    • What he's doing, I mean.Continuity
    • its too nuanced for criminal offense I think. He says my "face is sex" and he'll "venmo me ho" and im a "slut" hes not saying he will rape me or he's outsideshellie
    • my window.shellie
    • i've seen that things like stalking cases in the united states (unattached to a business or work situation) is hard to get traction on.shellie
    • you're right but notifying the police helps them build a case if it escalates. Patterns of behaviours are important in convicting someone. He'll have a mark onzarkonite
    • his file and if it happens a lot they can take the next step. I filed a complaint for assault once and I wasn't the first one and it led to some consequenceszarkonite
    • even though I didn't have material proof of the assault.zarkonite

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