Sexual Harrassment in Advertising/Tech

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  • kona1

    I'm real sorry to hear you have to go through that bullshit.

    Coming from a sr manager position at a large corporation, you are protected when bringing this to the attention of HR. That is to say, if HR and this person aren't part of some bullshit corporate alliance. I know for a fact at my last company HR took a claim from a woman I know seriously and fired the offending person the next day. However, I've also heard of a few large companies that have fired the person making the claim for some pretty b.s. reasons. If you know some of (or the) person who leads your HR department and are comfortable and confident they're legit, bring your documentation and claim to them immediately.

    • great advice... that internal 'corporate alliance' shit can be hell to cut throughPonyBoy
    • "bullshit corporate alliance" also means drinking buddies? :Dsted
    • last time I did something similar they turned the case against me saying that i'm racist ceo wanted to fill the place with cheap workforce from indiasted
    • and they where some high level assholes with zero office culture.sted

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