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    You either design and create a world of products that are so desirable that folks want it - be it actually physical products, content, a brand expressed through products(hello kitty for example) or some sort of intellectual property/service that is beneficial to other businesses (pre thought out package of info, like a set of consultancy workshops).


    You offer a service.

    And as well all know. Service sucks.

    You can intellectualise design etc till you're blue in the face. End of the day if you're offering a service, and more than anything budget and how much of a dick the client is determines it all. No MBA in design will ever change that.

    I remember reading Judith Williams 'Decoding advertisements' when at uni, years later, at an ad agency, being offered up a stupid ill conceived scamp by a pair of hipster douchbag 'creatives', I chirped in with some intellectual theory based on Judith's observations, only to be met with looks of confusion on the creative teams faces. You can wise up all you like, but you're still going to deal with idiots and clients...

    best go your own route, be the change you want to see. Create the next Ogivily, or the next Apple or the next Hello Kitty etc..

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