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    My buddy did a MFA Design for Social Innovation at SVA… - he's now a high school design teacher in NYC and having 10 years of professional experience prior to teaching qualified him for a considerable pay increase.

    5 years ago I went to a Carnegie Mellon open house and after they looked at my portfolio they stated that I have more experience than the curriculum and teachers combined and it would be a waste of time. I'm still conflicted but want to do an online degree b/c as a UXer I think that would be a great way to earn a degree.

    Here's a list of some UX/Designer related programs of study around the world. Recently I've been speaking to Kent State and Bentley University who both offer an online Master of Science with a Concentration in User Experience Design or Master's in Human Factors in Information Design

    I've learned that there's no point in taking an online MBA program as the best part of getting an MBA is networking and building relationships with other students. My company will cover my education so I'm seriously considering it...


    Kent State:…

    List of Programs of Study:…

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