Design MBA?

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  • detritus0

    I know you're an old fart like I am, so I literally cannot see the point.

    Academia's worthwhile for research and development, or consolidation in a high art profession. Design isn't, in my mind, a high art profession for most people. Not to say it's any less valuable, enriching or even profitable.

    It's just not a doctor, scientist, ridculo-artist or even a good lawyer.

    i just don't get why you'd bother.


    Which is to say — whatever it is you want this to help you achieve in life, do it actual.

    It ain't rocket science. it's hard work, competence and luck.

    • Just fucking do it.detritus
    • I agree but MBA is different - loads of business folk do them older. But I don't see the value for a creative really - real life experience is where it's at.fadein11

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