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    I've been looking into either a Master's degree or an MBA, 100% online b/c there's no way I can be a full time student. I can't find many examples of a design related MBA and to be honest, a design related MBA sounds funny to me, I think a traditional MBA makes more sense.

    The trouble I'm finding is that after having been working for 15 years, most Master's programs seem rudimentary at best. I've been researching the teachers at these programs and I have more professional experience than them so I'm conflicted there. I also researched graduates of these programs and I haven't seen anyone that's wowed me with some grand title at Google or anywhere...

    To be honest, I'm turned away from an MBA b/c I started taking practice GRE and GMAT tests and I remember why I went into design in the first place, fuck those standardized tests!

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