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  • microkorg3

    "Halt and Catch Fire" on Amazon

    Really loving this show.
    Like the way it's put together and tells a very believable story of early computing, computer games and interwebs.
    Having been in the interwebs industry for a few decades now there's a lot of characters in this that really ring true.

    Some people think that the first series may seem a little slow and boring but give it time. Each series gets better and better.

    • I really can relate to this show, it isn't just about the computing but also shows how the entire tech business is really working.sted
    • Cameron did my head in during the second series, but overall really enjoyed this showIanbolton
    • Too bad it got "cancelled". This coming season is the last...ArmandoEstrada
    • Btw both Cam and the red head chick are cuties.ArmandoEstrada

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