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  • Ianbolton0

    I want a streaming service that allows you to search through music like IMDB does with films. You know; who's in the band, who they've collaborated with, who the producer is and overall, which fucking label they're on. It's frustrating you can't even search by record label at least.

    Or can you do this on Spotify now?

    • it's got biography, related artist, upcoming concert date.
      does record label still matter? spotify probably felt that database is none essential.
    • especially you can just google it...
      although producers field would be nice to have.
    • there was a discogs app for spotify at one point but they killed it. discogs + youtube still the best for me.kingsteven
    • You can do search by label:
    • On some artists you will also have a biography with links to people they collaborated with and a related artists tab.ORAZAL

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