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  • pango0

    Ok cool. Wanna do this monthly?
    QBN Users submit tracks that's on spotify. And at the end of each month we put them together in to a list.

    or weekly?
    and maybe a limit on how many track a user can submit per list... (i can foresee someone going all out on the first list already lol)

    Seem like spotify is the best way for everyone now. (wasn't available in canada...)

    • Maybe start another thread shortly once the idea is finalized.pango
    • If there is monthly list I would propose that some reset it every month otherwise there would be too many playlist to follow.ORAZAL
    • I think it would be hard to limit how much people add on the lists, that's why I chose to manage the yearly ones. But collab sounds good for monthly.ORAZAL
    • I see.....
      I assume you can save the list to your own library.
    • Yes, you follow playlists. Let me know if want to test a collab playlist. You have my spotify user on those lists I posted.ORAZAL
    • You know how it is with people here and rules lol. well lets just say it's general guide line.pango
    • I know. Those unruly fuckers need fences.
      They're cute little critters though.
    • just took a look at more features. (first time using spotify today) i'm not entirely sure how to create a list from a existing list you're following...pango
    • Try with this one:
    • lol... thanks?pango
    • can you turn on collaborate?pango
    • I did.…ORAZAL
    • Try making your temp collaborative and I'll see if I can add something.ORAZAL
    • Woot! It's working.ORAZAL
    • but i can't make collaborate play list. probably cuz i didn't pay... and i can't make a new list out of existing list... can you?pango
    • You can drag all the songs from a public playlist to a different one (right pane to list one the left) to make a copy.ORAZAL
    • I could make a public collaborative playlist for QBN. But I would keep a single one and remove all the songs monthly. 1/2ORAZAL
    • People who find stuff they like can copy it to their personal playlists. 2/2ORAZAL
    • btw... "all covered in red" hurts my ear.... wtf was that? lolpango
    • that will have to do
    • the dragging thing doesn't work for me... again probably cuz free version and web player... let me test it out on desk top.pango
    • yup yup yup! works on desk top. You can save existing playlist by dragging all the tracks to another play list.pango
    • https://open.spotify…pango
    • https://open.spotify…

      In case you want to use it. I'll let you create the thread though.
    • I'll erase the QBN one I made and leave you the honor :)ORAZAL
    • Just found out i can create collab list too. just gotta do it on desk top. I'm thinking create 2 list. This way it give people time to save track.pango
    • otherwise tracks posted on the 31th will get erased the next day.pango
    • Something like Odd month and Even month.pango
    • Good idea. Looking forward to it.
      I promise I won't add any more Dreamcrusher.
    • Will do that tomorrow.pango
    • "Will do that tomorrow" - LOL

      This shit turned out just like that Strava running group I set up for you.
      Get a hold of yourself pango!

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