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  • oey0

    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.countdown.min.js"></script>


    var d = new Date(2016-10-19);
    function(event) {
    $(this).html(event.strftime('<span>TAGE BIS ZUM DINNER:</span><br>%D:%H:%M:%S'));


    • or without the timestamp: (using the date set by string when declaring d)…
    • or midday tomorrow:…
    • now it's working and I don't even know why. I changed the "src" like to the same it was before. back and forth like 5 times. saved and refreshed.oey
    • and suddenly working like a hour just delete that line and write it again...WTF?!oey
    • bring up your browsers javascript console and have a look for errors, it's usually something real simple.kingsteven
    • what a fucking headache..yesterday I was working on this simple jquery shit for an hour after trying to do it 2 hours via javascript...simply not working.oey
    • can't understand why I couldn't manage to do it via javascript. and the src linking not working and then suddenly bam! grrrrr!oey
    • thanks kingsteven for the link!oey
    • I just saw your links. the notes were not updating. tripple thanks @kingsteven!oey
    • Go damn it, indent your shitty code :)Maaku
    • God*Maaku

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