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    maybe this is a good time to start to take care of yourself should be your first priority. you have a good opportunity to really adjust to what you need versus what you want. id just learn from any mistakes and move on and reevaluate. but don't spend to much or be attached to negativity. it will interrupt you moving forward and start to effect you well being, productivity, health etc. figure out why you are lonely. there has to be a balance of your ability to be with yourself versus being social.

    • Good advice. I find a brutally honest bucket list of all things I want to improve about myself, then actually act on them.mugwart
    • "figure out why you are lonely" - that's because his partner moved out derp.fadein11
    • ^ thats bit shallow analysis. but its ok. you are operating at full mental capacity. forgiven.yurimon
    • mugwart. I found the list or the path starts out with know youself. who am i on various levels of existence, including spiritual. this where i found culturesyurimon
    • that have pursue the question and seem to have proven techniques in the pursuit you are looking for helpful. how deep is your list of questions? also choosing ayurimon
    • practice, or finding a practice that you see is most effective for yourself out the pool of practices made available to us. its very personal and not everythingyurimon
    • works for everyone. usually a good start is to look into your ancestral practices were. not an easy path but worth it.yurimon
    • well you made top of the front page - congrats. nice note to leave on.fadein11
    • I did that when my marriage broke up. lost 50kgs, got happy and got to where I wanted to be (currently). Its not easy as you have to be brutally honest ...mugwart
    • ... as CALLES said you might discover things about yourself you never knew/suppressed!mugwart

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