Music Steaming Services?

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    ^ Sounds like Amazon and Google will be similar. Amazon has a basic version that is free with Prime (including Beatles), but I think they have a new one coming out that is $8/month for everything if you own an Alexa, $9 or something if you don't.

    But this is where Google and Amazon will have the price war - getting you to buy their Home products to play their stations. Alexa already does this quite well, Sonos is using Alexa too.

    I think Apple is going to slip fast, if you believe some of the recent articles on AI and Siri. They have been too slow to move into AI (and VR for that matter). I didn't think it would affect the music, but I can see it being nice to just say "Hey Alexa, play that song that goes "build a parking lot"" and it'll play the Counting Crows (the articles example of how "smart" it was at deciphering lyrics, etc.). Interesting. Gonna look at Alexa/Google Home Thing for xmas presents.

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