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    Yeah, NFC is the fuckn bomb no joke and sadly once again the only reason it didn't reach mass use is because of.... ... apple.

    my latest two projects were using NFC as backup and believe me people loved it. These were proof of concept for what we will be developing next year

    I think you may have seen the magic mirror I posted a few months ago. We updated it and made it possible to control via nfc.

    tag0001 = weather, tag0002 = map, tag0003 = foodfinder, etc

    if your phone have nfc enabled, you can tap any of the tags and the screen will load the data you wanted. if not you would tap the coin on the screen itself,

    To demonstrate it to our clients, we made a game with it during our last event,

    you got a nfc coin when you registered your account. you would tap it against the mirror and a cool animation would show you if you won or not.

    the game was stupidly simple, but now replace coins, with a can of coke or a pack of chocolate or candies and you get the potential.

    so yeah, RFID/NFC is here to stay.

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