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    Thanks for the suggestions guys

    I thought 'focus' was different from being clicked ('active'). ie. bringing a button/link into focus is not the same as actually clicking it (although both would bring it into focus) - like tabbing to select link would bring it into 'focus' before clicking which would make it 'active'...

    maybe i do need to add some JS to just reset it all on click.

    • you are correct - e.g. a form element is in focus when being used after tabbing.fadein11
    • they are different, but clicking with a mouse they become basically the same. For other input methods, they're not.ESKEMA
    • With JS, you could just delay the link action, let it come back to normal state and then open the link.. something like this:
    • you only need like .2s delay or whatever it takes to gret back to normal stateESKEMA
    • On click Im happy for it to snap back.. but roll off I prefer animation back as looks smootherdee-dubs

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