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  • moldero14

    LOL @ e-pill 11 years ago…

    • haha!fadein11
    • haha, not sure if thats real.yurimon
    • maybe some one else.yurimon
    • sure…moldero
    • i started posting like 5 years ago, prob the last poster, who ever shared the account.yurimon
    • looks like maybe 8. damn time flies. ugh.yurimon
    • hahaha - classic QBN moment.fadein11
    • just admit you never worked a day in your life…moldero
    • keep em coming lol.fadein11
    • Unemployed is not a job, but you get an A for effort.…
    • what jobless dudes dream about…moldero
    • No wonder he trolls and is angry!utopian
    • those posts were before was i got hereyurimon
    • neva angry,yurimon
    • your a good sport though, I gotta say :)moldero
    • Those are you. Admit it. Same writing style. Your denial is so pathetic.monospaced
    • it was before my time, plus we had interns research n post conspiracy stuffs qbn n this account be like…yurimon
    • lol mono, i was wondering when youd be here. i think if i not use my phone with qbn, should lesson my time onyurimon
    • if you had a job you could buy a computermoldero
    • obviously they dont have smart phones in mehico. you can look and type in between lifes moments. like when taking a train or dumpyurimon
    • since i have more veggie diet, i go more to the dumping grounds. to n fro meetings, bus, train, waiting in line. etc.yurimon
    • wtf?monospaced
    • we are dude you know what thats about. You need rule shit fro yo thone son.yurimon
    • what do jobless people do on the train besides sleep, do you get off at stops and walk around sometimes?moldero
    • who do you meet with? other jobless people? what do you guys talk about?moldero
    • lol, we talk about building that wall, so we can get jobs. hahaha! got ya!yurimon
    • lolmoldero
    • "You need rule shit fro yo thone son."
      Please translate.
    • ^…yurimon
    • So that wasn't you 11 years ago, that was someone else using the yurimon account and the same writing style as you?monospaced
    • typical QBN smut hitting the cover, this place is being run by shitheadspinkfloyd
    • thanks yurimonospaced
    • maybe because we ran in the same circles. idk?yurimon
    • You're sticking by that story? Pre-2008: yurimon was someone else you don't know who ran in your circle and that's why he writes like you?monospaced
    • I guess you were never young in nyc to understand how circles of people happen and they are alike in their jokes, nerp. there was a year when no registrationyurimon
    • was available i was completely absent most the time from posting, we gave interns assignments on their down time. so get off the D. nuff said.yurimon
    • prob 2 years now that i think about. anyways. im going to be getting off anywho.yurimon
    • getting off of the train to talk to other jobless trust fund babies about voting for trump?moldero
    • i'm going to be coming through mehico, You going to be around?yurimon
    • SO... the account user was someone you ran with in your younger years, who you DO NOT know, but who took over your QBN account? you're sticking by that? REALLY?monospaced
    • also, what does closed registration have to do with you not posting and with interns at your UNRELATED workplace? what year?monospaced
    • So fascinating! A group of NYC youth whose writing skills halted simultaneously, resulting in the loss of the same grammar and memory, and share a qbn accountmonospaced
    • lolmoldero
    • if you connect the dots properly funny things come to light and it all starts with just one single thread :Dsted
    • lolscarabin

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