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  • ArmandoEstrada0

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Set, thanks for looking through the work. As far as the font goes, I am open to suggestions. I liked Museo, but I can't get TypeKit to stop doing that stupid flashing while the font loads. Google fonts doesn't have that problem. Im switching...

    Hayoth, what of the header don't you like? Too big? The font? I want to keep the site as simple (generic, i guess). I am trying to get some work out of this and people who look at these type of sites just want to get in and out.

    As far as the video, a few director friends of mine insisted I don't label spec work a such. Half of the stuff on my video is spec, the other half is real work.

    Since1979, I'm good. :)

    And no, I am not the one down voting.

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