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  • scarabin0

    be wary of hiring guides around the colisseum, most are rubbish. watch a documentary in your hotel room or something instead.

    buy food in the numerous grocery spots around rome, it's way cheaper than eating out for every meal. stock up on wine, take a bottle + cheese + bread + olives with you while tromping around the various ruins, you'll work up an appetite and there are soooo many awesome places for a picnic :)

    take the train to pompeii, stop in naples and try the most legit pizza you've ever had, in the place where it was born.

    eat some acid then check out the vatican. it'll blow your mind.

    also, i guess pot is illegal there but it can be bought on the bridge, make sure to haggle

    • also, check out the catacombs!scarabin
    • last time i was there everything is full of fucking trash and some parts of the city smelt like shit, but getting lost is fun! pompeii is an awesome placested
    • yeah and be aware that the hidden restaurants in small streets are the most expensive ones :) but the food is awesome :)sted
    • yeah, you will def get lost. bring a tablet, my ipad saved my ass so many times. live maps are way better than the printed ones they sell on the streetscarabin

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