Collaboration is overrated

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    There's a fine line between "design by committee", which rarely produces more than mediocrity and "collaboration".

    I am just coming off a project that had a committee making the decisions. NO ONE would take responsibility for ANYTHING. So reviews, etc., all went over without a comment. Then at the end, when anonymous, they all start making comments, many contradicting each other. Total mess and waste of so much time.

    Collaboration, on the other hand, should have a clear leader/decision maker and be done with like minds.

    As a principal of one of the larger architecture firms (that's my background) once said "we always aim to hire people better than us".

    That's what the best people/company's do - hire the best they can get. That way, "collaboration" is with people you respect, which is paramount. That's how it should be done.

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