Collaboration is overrated

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    Collaborations normally end up as a total shitshow in my work - always when it comes to competitions - unlike regular projects, no-one takes overall control.

    The gang is assembled, everyone has thoughts about every aspect of the project and pull examples from all corners of the internet. Meetings upon meetings upon meetings discussing how great their pictures of NY's HighLine is. For, like, 80% of the available time. Then the remaining 20% is spent thrashing out work that is:

    A). Nothing like any of the amazing ideas, not even a smell.
    B). Fucked together with basic materials because architects shit blood when it comes to costs instead of going bananas - it's a fucking comp - costs and materials can be compromised later.
    C). Bland and neutered.

    Then it comes to me and my No.2 to try and make their bowkin' Lady Gaga look like fucking True Blue-era Madonna.

    Every single fucking time.

    • I really should try to rein in my swearing. But, by God, those competitions are murder to deal with.face_melter

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