Collaboration is overrated

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    Collaboration has got us where we are today. Everything we do that advances science and technology has taken years of collaboration. It's easy to say that Einstein, Jobs and Page were all introverts but it took the work of hundreds of other people throughout history to allow them to do what they did.

    I'm not saying one single person can't do something truly magnificent, but to assume the collaboration of minds that came before all that was overrated seems silly to me. It's one of the fundamental necessities for the survival of our species if you ask me.

    • Oh, you didn't ask me!Ianbolton
    • great point, without collaboration we would still be struggling to make fire hahaMiguex
    • we also wouldn't have warscannonball1978
    • ^lolsarahfailin
    • and we probably wouldn't exist because it takes a man and a woman to 'collaborate' to make more of usIanbolton

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