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    About a year ago, I sat with Chris and a bunch of other studio owners, and we talked about how tough cash-flow can be. It was a good (and eye-opening) evening. I was surprised to hear which studios were doing OK, and which ones were struggling.

    Chris was the only one who could confidently say that he knew exactly what his studio was billing for the upcoming 6 months. To me, that’s pretty impressive. Now, I know that what Newfangled does isn’t right for everyone, but I think there’s something to be said for finding a strong position—as they have.

    Anyways, he was nice enough to take some time to explain how they got to this spot. And he covers some of the messy stretches and mistakes they made.

    Here’s the link:…

    • all good and that but your post reads a little like spam.fadein11
    • Do you mean that the article reads like spam, or my description of it?karj

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